11 First Dates

So you’re speaking to a guy and everything looks promising, your texts are fun, consistent, thrilling and surprisingly haven’t got boring. Every time your phone beeps you can’t help but feel a little bit of excitement when you find he’s messaged you. And then it happens, he finally wants to meet you and see you in the flesh, you can’t wait but feel slightly nervous … will he be just as amazing in real life than through the virtual world. You can’t help but have high expectations, he must know what you love by now from the hundreds of messages been exchanged… he must have this in the bag.


The anticipation runs high and you need to know where you will be meeting … He finally tells you, he’s planned a date to go to the cinema! Yes you heard right the cinema. Okay there’s nothing wrong with going to watch a great film on the big screen, I personally love going being a big a filmy. But for a first date I feel this is just a no no. How are you meant to get to know each other constrained in the dark not able to even speak to each other … he obviously hasn’t thought this through. But don’t be put off he was probably having an off day with ideas… this is now your job to step in and subtly hint places to go instead.

Now you’re probably struggling, it’s not as easy as you thought it would be, but do not fear I have come up with a list of fun, romantic and adventurous activities that will meet your dating needs.

For the quirky dater

  • Retro bowling – You wouldn’t think it but there’s a lot you can learn from going bowling with a guy. Experience each other’s competitive side, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of healthy competition
  • Comedy Club- Do you love to laugh? Even more important do you love someone who can make you laugh? This is a great place to see if you have the same sense of humour.
  • Live music – Learning what kind of music each other likes can be interesting, he might surprise you and be a jazz music enthusiast and you may also learn to love it too.
  • Teppanyaki restaurant – This can help any awkwardness during a date being entertained with a chef throwing your food around with different tricks can be fun and exciting. If you’re stuck for conversation talk about the food, the chef or if it becomes really silent just speak to the chef.
  • Playing tourist – If you live in or near a fun city simply play tourist, explore and experience activities you wouldn’t normally do. Don’t take the place you live for granted and explore your city all over again making new memories with your potential guy.


Thrill Seekers who love to have fun

  • Theme park – Are you an adrenaline junkie and need someone who can que up with you to go on the highest roller coaster imaginable? Then this would be the perfect test, can he hold on to you while fearing for his life at the same time … if so, he’s the guy for you!
  • Cooking classes – Okay not much of a thrill but cooking classes is something different and will show he doesn’t mind trying new things. And most importantly, who doesn’t like a man who can cook.


Chilled out daters

  • Brunch – this is a perfect in between a romantic evening meal and a casual breakfast, no pressure and no fuss. A chilled out environment allows you to get to know each other in a natural environment experiencing their real side.
  • DIY Wine tasting – Being in a home environment can make you feel more relaxed, if you stress out about dates this could be perfect for you. It’s a cheaper alternative to the real deal with the same outcome – getting drunk off wine together.


The Equals

  • Split picnic – If you’re the modern feministic woman and believe in equality when it comes to dates, without making it awkward with splitting the bill, why don’t you have a romantic picnic. You bring the wine and he can bring the food.
  • Restaurant hopping – Go to different restaurants for drinks, starter, main and dessert and take turns paying for the bill. This way you can experience different restaurants together with romantic walks between each course.

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