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British Bindi, an idea that started off in the sweaty treadmill section in our local Pure Gym (I know…the glamour is unbearable). Meet us below – Amani, Kiran, Jasmeen & Tanisha.

British Bindi

From the left; Amani, Kiran, Jasmeen & Tanisha

We were all post-uni newbies and moving back to our hometown, readjusting back into our Asian family life. Amongst our jobs, socialising, gym, travelling and recreational-ing, there was something missing…

British Bindi Begins

British Bindi

We wanted to create an honest space where we could express ourselves and build a community, something creative, fun, informative and curious. A place where we could share what it’s like being a young contemporary British Asian, leaving no stone unturned highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly.

British Bindi is best described as a mix of personal stories, news, tips, problems, and culture. It’s a blog that aims to connect our two cultures with the past, present and future.

Join our conservation

Be part of our journey as we unpack all sorts of stories and features about the fusion of two vibrant cultures. We know that to get a real sense of the British Asian landscape, we’re going to have to talk (a lot) and collaborate with all sorts of wonderful people.

Feel free to get in touch with us with any thoughts and opinions by emailing us at hello@britishbindi.com.

Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram @BritishBindiย 

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