15 cute things to do in a relationship

Sometimes it’s the small things that make all the difference. There’s always something you can do for your relationship and partner, it doesn’t need to be expensive nor too extravagant; just something to say I love you. Here are 12 simple and cute things you can do for one another:

  1. Write her a love letter. Every girl loves to hear why you love her, what small things you’ve noticed about her and what he finds adorable. Sometimes it’s hard to declare how you truly feel. This is a simple and very effective way yet so many people shy away from it because it’s ‘too cheesy’. Girls this applies to you too, grab a pen and notebook now, he might not admit it but everyone wants to feel loved and appreciated.
  1. Get simple matching his and her bracelets. This is a cute small gift they have great stuff on etsy.com, very affordable and their handmade!
  1. Random fact of the day/week.

This is great if you’re still in the getting to know each other phase. Take turns to send one another a fact about yourself that the other partner doesn’t already know yet via email. It’s something to look forward to monthly. See how long you keep it up for. It’s also a nice thing to look back at one day. For example ‘Subject line: Fact of the Day. Fact number 43: I once broke my arm when I was 7 in the playground but I lied to my parents and said I was in a fight.’

  1. Every time you have date night, go through the alphabet and do activities starting with that particular letter. The dates won’t all be the same then and it doesn’t get boring. Here’s an example of how it works:

Date 1 – Letter A: Visit an Aquarium

Date 2 – Letter B: Take a walk along a Beach

Date 3 – Letter C: Go to the Cinema

Date 4 – Letter D: Take a Dance class

  1. Bake a cake or cook a meal together.

Couples, who bake together, stay together.’ Turn up the radio and throw them a whisk and a wooden spoon! This is a light-hearted activity you both can enjoy each other’s company whilst perfecting the perfect chocolate chip muffin whilst taking it in turns to sing along to Rihanna and Drake!

  1. If you’re having a home cooked dinner, get the candles out. After the food why not cuddle up on the sofa with a blanket with a glass of wine. Snuggly and romantic!
  1. Take a photo every month together in the same place and make a time-lapse video in years to come and see how much you have both changed through time.
  1. Have lunch at the same time at work as your partner so you can have a nice little chat with them and see how their days going.
  1. Stay up and say goodnight to one another every night and wake up at the same time as your partner even if they need to wake up an hour earlier than you, message or call them and wish them a good morning.
  1. Keepsakes such as cinema tickets for example; remembering those special dates, first date, anniversaries, the day you shared your first kiss with one another etc.
  1. Watch a box set together. You don’t need to be in the same room as each other but plan one day in the week and tune in Netflix and count ready stead go and play! You can discuss the episode after and it gives you a mutual interest to share.
  1. Haven’t seen each other all week? Have a skype date? Yes girls let him see you without your makeup, you’re beautiful and if you think he’s going to run off…well better now than later!
  2. Randomly buy her flowers. Even if you think shes not a flower kind of ‘gal’ every girl loves to be surpised with a nice bunch of flowers. It’s the thought and effort that counts. This will earn you some brownie points lad!
  3. Leave random notes, post it’s around the room whilst your partner has popped out for a while. It could be a thank you note, it could be a cute I love message or even just a smiple smiley face and a kiss would do.
  4. Notice the little things about each other, compliment each others outfit, notice if she has had a hair cut, if you like the lip colour she has on. Notice if he has shaved, or brought a new pair of jeans or simply his hair looks good today. Make each other feel good, even if you don’t see thats there’s anything to compliment and they look the same as they do everyday, just say something nice for them to make them feel that you do pay attention and that you still have a major crush on them!

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