How to Stay Motivated When You’re Unemployed

Being unemployed can be a hard time to stay motivated. The tough job climate paired with pressures to climb the career ladder fast, can start to make things frustrating. However, there’s a few tips and tricks that may help you beat the no-job slump.

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The Art of Asking

Help maybe closer than you think. Look into your contacts, think back to conversations you have had with your friends. Did they mention someone in the same career field as you? Or maybe they know of the perfect position opening at their workplace.

Phone for help
Thank god for Smartphones! Scroll through your contacts on your phone.

Still no useful contacts? Now is the time to find them. Google and Linkedin have made it easier than ever to find out about networking events, companies and opportunities out there for you.

Once you have the contacts, don’t feel fearful of reaching out and asking for help or advice. You’d be surprised how many people genuinely want to help. There’s an interesting TEDtalk by  Amanda Palmer on ‘The Art of Asking’ that unpicks the beauty of asking.

Structure, Structure, Structure

Not having a set routine might be leading to a lethargic lifestyle. Crawling out of bed at 2pm after a heavy night of netflix probably isn’t going to create the most inspiring day. Don’t get me wrong, a netflix binge is good for your soul from time to time, but now you’re completely in charge of your free time, so it’s time for some structure.

You could start structuring your day by simply setting certain times to complete productive tasks, or even sticking to a routine. Building routines has helped lots of world leading entrepreneurs and athletes, there’s no harm seeing whether it might help you.

Hobbying Hobby UnemployedAround

When you eventually get yourself into a job, chances are you’ll start to crave more ‘me time’. This is your perfect chance to learn all the new skills you wished you had; learn that instrument, volunteer, make that yummy noodle dish and dance your way through a salsa dance. Chances are this is the best time to create and build new hobbies and no doubt it’ll help boost your overall motivation.


Hang out with your Supportive Crowd

Family and friends can be hard to be around at this time of your life. When they’re constantly questioning your life plans and trying to tell you what you should or shouldn’t be doing, it can get pretty frustrating. But amongst the lectures they’re the people who love and support you the most. You may also find talking with some of the high energy ambitious people in your life might inspire you. I personally try to surround myself with people who have zesty energy for life, I feel it keeps me inspired and keeps things interesting.

Netflix Binge got me like
Netflix binge got me like…

Finally Face the Challenge

Try not to stress too much, most of us have been in the same position, where we want the job to just turn up already! Face the challenge, write down where you see your career heading and how you’re going to help that. This might help you visualise your direction and put it into perspective. You’ve got this!  

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