Awkward First Dates


First dates can be nerve-wracking as it is, without experiencing those cringe-worthy moments. From calling your date the wrong name, to them talking none stop about their ex. Here are just some of the awkward moments you may encounter…

1. The first awkward conversation you may experience is when it comes to planning the date. Traditionally a man plans a date and sweeps the lady off her feet. But this is the age of independent women, so is it only fair you have an equal input? Or even take it in turns to plan dates? You may realise at this early stage that you and your date have very different views.

2. So you’re waiting for your fashionably late date, you can’t just sit there looking like you’ve been stood up, so what do you do? Pull out your trusty phone and start fake texting of course. So when they eventually show up half an hour later, you’re like, “Oh I didn’t even realise you were late…”

3. Your date chooses the busiest and noisiest place to meet, it’s a mission just trying to spot them in a crowd of a hundred, and almost impossible to have a conversation over all that bustling noise, so you just nod your head and agree, rather than feeling silly and asking repeatedly “what did you say?!”.

4. It comes time to order your food – you’re so hungry, head slightly hurting, stomach rumbling – you want to order everything off the menu, but it’s far too soon to show your inner pig (cry).

5. There’s nothing more annoying than trying to engage in a conversation with your date, and all they keep doing is playing on their phone. Why even bother coming if you’re not going to show any interest? What’s even more annoying is that you spent that extra half an hour contouring, and he’s not even looking at you.

6. So now you’ve settled into the date, you’re both nattering away, but all your date keeps talking about is their ex! In your head you’re thinking “So go back to Poonam then. Stop sitting here wasting my time. I’m missing Keeping up with the Kardashians to be here with you.”

7. You notice your date keeps looking at you, like really looking at you. You can literally feel your ego getting bigger, yes I know my highlight is on point. But then, he says “you really remind me of someone. Yep you look like my ex”. Erm thanks mate. She better be pretty though.

8. You both start describing your ideal partner, their personality, hobby’s, physical attributes. And he basically describes the opposite of you… Well this is looking positive…

9. It comes to the end of your date, which means it’s time to pay the bill. Is the man going to treat you as traditionally expected? Or are you willing to go halves and show you’re an independent woman who earns her own keep. Or is it standard procedure to offer to go halves, wait for him to say “no, no it’s on me”, and then you’re like “only if you’re sure”. That’s usually the way it goes, isn’t it ladies?

10. One of the most awkward things about the end of a date is when it comes time to say goodbye to each other. Do you hug? Do you kiss? A handshake? What do you do?! What if you go in for a kiss but they just want to hug? Oh the rejection! AWKWARD



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