Are you still single waiting for that perfect guy to enter your life, wondering where he is and when you will have the chance to meet him. But another year passes and he still hasn’t appeared, you then start to worry. Is this another year being alone and single, having no one to keep you warm on those cold nights , unfulfilled valentines days and watching those fireworks from your window longing to watch them with someone else .Sorry to start this off through tragedy with a side of cheese but I do have a point to this.


So after feeling sorry for yourself you start to think about all the guys that have entered your life, were your being too picky. Did you meet someone who could make you happy but you just didn’t want to settle.

All girls have the fear of settling for the guy who doesn’t meet their criteria of their perfect guy, but is this okay? Are girls nowadays too selective when it comes to guys following that all important checklists?


For some girls, the list could go on especially for me, but are we preparing ourselves for failure?

I recently went on a romantic date, some people would say it was perfect, he wined and dined me and ended the night with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He was perfect on paper we had so much in common from movies to life goals and future aspirations. It was all looking positive from the first date with a hint of high hopes. However as the weeks go by you start to realise this may not be as perfect as you imagined, and the chemistry just isn’t there.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t the man for me but there was nothing specifically that he did wrong, he followed the right procedure and did everything right. I then start to think is this self-sabotage, am I ready for a relationship, is it me or is it him?



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