How to Spot a ‘F*ckboy’

As I get older my eyes start to widen, my wisdom begins to grow about the world of dating, and the roller coaster ride it can become. As you know there are a lot of success stories but also many horrors as well.

I started to date a couple of years ago and I have a collection of different stories to share, but maybe for another time. However I am writing today about certain types of men who like to waste time and emotions, commonly known as a ‘F*ck boy’.

Urban dictionary describes a f*ck boy as A person who is a weak ass p*ssy that ain’t bout shit.’ this isn’t quite what I’m trying to get at, but I couldn’t resist putting that in.

I know from personal experiences if you’re dating a good ol’ ‘f*ck boy’ you can become lost and not realise what you’ve actually signed up for. So here are a few pointers to wake you up or even warn you from any future ‘f*ck boy’ who may come strolling into your life.

Disclaimer: Before I start, l’d like to say this does not apply to all men! There are many great and respectful men out there.

  1. They only have one thing on their mind and like to express how important sex is, and if you’re not ready straight away they will make you feel guilty

This should ring major alarm bells! You should only get intimate if you’re 100% ready, it’s your body and consent– this is very important.

2. Doesn’t think commitment is for them – they’re just not ready 🙄

He says: ‘I don’t want to put a label on it’ …He just wants to mess around.

3. Only wants to meet if it’s late at night

They may not prioritise to meet you in the day so will fit you around there schedule, and what’s convenient for them. #BootyCall

4. Always late when meeting you, shows they don’t respect you or your time

 This can be easily forgotten, but just remember your time is equally as important.

5. Will bail on you last minute, think it’s okay and not a big deal

Girls, I know some of us have been in a similar situation where we’ve spent over an hour getting ready and then finding out 10 minutes before meeting , that he has to cancel. He might have a genuine excuse this time but if this is a re-occurring situation then you know you have trouble on your hands.

6. Doesn’t understand the importance of experiencing new things together and ends up taking you to a fast food car car park instead. On top of that, he doesn’t see why this is an issue for you.

So he doesn’t have a lot of money, that’s fine. However when it’s his turn to plan date night he could be more inventive, being creative doesn’t have to cost a lot.

7. Always on their phone during a date and then hiding it away and being secretive about their calls and texts. 

A little suspicious.

8. Always making things about them and their issues, not open to listening to what’s going on in your life

Communication should be two ways and equal on both sides with a mutual interest in each other.

9. You express some concerns in the ‘relationship’ however he is unable to understand what they are, and is convinced he’s doing nothing wrong and he’s the ‘nice guy’

10. Ask him a question and he’s unable to give you a straight answer and will avoid it if necessary

11. Biggest priority in his life is receiving revealing pictures (nudes) from you, often willing to beg for it. He will also make you feel guilty if you don’t feel comfortable sending those kind of images and will manipulate you until you do so

Another disclaimer: For any of our younger readers – ‘it is a crime to possess, take, make, distribute or show anyone an indecent image of a child or young person under 18 years of age.’

12. No respect for females and refers to them as b*tches or any other disrespectful name

13. He may tell you everything he believes that you want to hear

This is an easier way of him getting what he wants from you easier and quickly.

You may be reading this and notice a few similarities or none at all, not all men are the above and you can find some truly loyal and genuine eggs. It’s just fishing them out which can be quite difficult, I hope my points above help you on your journey.






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