Tips on how to get through ‘Lockdown 2.0’

4th November 2020 the second lockdown in the UK begun, the elderly being isolated, friends and family not being able to spend time with their loved ones and being stuck at home once again for the second time this year. No one was prepared for the 1st lockdown, it was full of uncertainty and it […]

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Charity begins at home

To give or not to give ? That is the question. I know we all have our own story to tell of how we got into our charitable roles, here is mine: I think my personal journey with charity began as a young child watching my mother show her charitable nature through her feeding everyone and […]

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How to Spot a ‘F*ckboy’

As I get older my eyes start to widen, my wisdom begins to grow about the world of dating, and the roller coaster ride it can become. As you know there are a lot of success stories but also many horrors as well. I started to date a couple of years ago and I have […]

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