Our Top 10 Beauty Recommendations

BA Round-up of our Ultimate Top 10 Beauty Products

Sharing is caring, right? As four female bloggers, I’m sure you can imagine our beauty collections are a spectacle of colours, powders and liquids.

It was difficult to narrow down but we’ve piled together our top 10 beauty must-haves, these are products we genuinely all love in our collection. We’re not working with the brands on this blog – these reviews are just straight-up love for these makeup items!

* There are just two affiliate links to help support the work British Bindi do.

Hope you enjoy and if there are any products that you think we NEED to try, then girl you need to let us know in the comments!

1. NYX Matte Fix Spray

Pretty much all skin types (especially those who have oily skin), know the struggle of making sure that makeup stays in perfect place, all day/night long. There are some great products out there that have great ability to look great for longer, but having a good setting spray can give your makeup the support it needs to look greater for longer.

All four girls in the British Bindi crew love the NYX fix spray, the matte look keeps the oily skin at bay and clean lasting makeup look. It’s the final finishing touch we feel incomplete without after completing our makeup look.


2. Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Minis – The Pink Edition

These colours are gorgeous. British Bindi’s Kiran got this edition for her Birthday, the Huda mini edition collections make a great gift for friends! The pink shades keep your look bright and pretty for casual and special occasions.

The lipstick is non-drying and lasts a long time, it has a great matte finish whilst being moisturising, there’s no liquid lipstick we’ve found that comes close to Huda’s collection.


3. Rimmel Nail Nurse

Isn’t it a pain when your nails just keep breaking?! Fear not, Rimmel has an effective solution in the form of its ‘Nail Nurse’. Simply apply a single coat to naked nails and reapply another coat the day after and you’re good to go! As well as a nail hardener it also acts as a base coat, it’s a win win! (Beware of its slightly strong odour). British Bindi’s Jasmeen loves using this products when she’s trying to grow her nails!

Get yourself a bottle via Amazon! > Rimmel Nail Nurse Base and Top Coat, Rescue


4. Huda Beauty Rose Gold Palette

We love love love this palette! British Bindi’s Tanisha received this for her birthday after numerous not so subtle hints. The colours work so well with Asian skin, easy to blend and apply you don’t need to be a professional MUA to receive effective results.

5. Fleek Lashes

We love the eyelash selection available at Fleek! From stunning party lashes to the more subtle look, you’ll find lashes to suit your needs (good value too). British Bindi’s Kiran’s favourite lash is Jasmine and she’s wore her set loads of times – the glue is excellent too and won’t let you down even on those long nights out.

Browse all the lush lashes on their website: http://www.fleeklashes.com/

British Bindi’s Kiran with her friends above, all wearing Fleek’s lush lashes.

6. Iconic London brushes

Not so long ago British Bindi’s Jasmeen purchased Iconic London’s EVO Brush Set, after watching numerous beauty bloggers using these rather interesting looking oval makeup brushes. They’re super soft and easy to handle, the range of sizes makes them fit for a variety of purposes, from blending contour, to applying foundation.


7. Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit

Well known for their amazing range of highlighters this palette has to be British Bindi’s Tanisha’s favourite. The warm colours are perfect to add that extra wow into your look, especially when the sun hits your glow you’ll be shining like a diamond.

8. No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream

Foundation can feel quite clogging and heavy to wear all the time. This is when BB cream can be a blessing, the light coverage, protecting properties and the fresh look are a winner! Most of our group have been using No7 Beautiful Skin BB cream for years now and sure it makes our skin feel better a day after wear too.

British Bindi’s Kiran swears by it and uses it more than her foundation.
You can find it here: No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream for Normal / Oily Skin Medium Medium

British Bindi#s Kiran wearing No7 BB Cream
British Bindi’s Kiran opting for light BB cream for those Summer Indian Wedding parties

9. Estee Lauder Concealer

This concealer is British Bindi’s Jasmeen’s number one makeup essential! It’s without a doubt the best concealer she’s ever tested and constantly gets asked what she uses on her skin. Had no sleep for two weeks? No one will even be able to tell with Estee Lauders Double Wear Concealer. A little goes a long way with this concealer so you only need to use a little, which means it lasts ages too! Jasmeen prefers to apply with the application brush that’s included and blend with a beauty blender, then use a setting powder for a flawless finish.

10. 101 Ointment Multipurpose Superbalm

This tube of magic was discovered in a monthly glossy box and British Bindi’s Tanisha hasn’t looked back. If you suffer from dry lips this lip ointment is perfect for you and can be used for other conditions such as dry skin, cuticles and more. It’ the number one necessity that you will find in our handbags.


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