Turning 25 – Amani’s 25th Birthday Revelation 


Twenty – Five

Such an significant age right? A quarter of a century.

It’s the end of an era, but the beginning of a whole new one! You’re no longer a young adult? Like come on, it’s you’re final year to use your 18-25 rail card, your old enough for a smear test (yes girls, it is time) and your watching the girl you used to sit next to in GCSE maths get married; times are getting overwhelming…


You think you still have things in common with the average 18 year old. But when you start talking and seeing life in their eyes and you realise, you’re a not a fresher like them anymore 👀.giphyLRGLPBAJ.gif

You’ve stepped into a new chapter, without even realising it. It can be scary. Trust me, I’ve sat down with the other British Bindi girls many a times reminiscing old memories and looking at how much we have changed and moved forward. Time flew past us so fast. We remind ourselves, we are in our prime; we must value this time like no other. There’s nothing wrong with being 25, in fact I’m going to see this as a re-birth.


It’s a time to reflect and look back on everything you’ve achieved and what you still have left remaining.

It’s funny because when I was younger, I felt like I needed my whole life figured out by now.
1. Graduate by 21
2. Get a job as soon as I move back home
3. Climb the career ladder
4. Get married by 25
5. Have kids by 28.

giphy (1).gif

But it’s really not that simple and it’s crazy how life turns out, perhaps it’s not exactly how I initially planned. But I guess that’s okay; there is no need to freak out…Seriously! Plans change, they always do.

I want to share my top 12 lessons/things I’ve learnt over the past 25 years.

Appreciation for Classical music 🎼. 
I love Radio 1Xtra but you know what, I have a real appreciation for Classic FM. Sometimes I need something calming and relaxing. The sounds of violins, harps, and flutes… tranquil and beautiful… I think you get the picture.

Preferring bars over clubs 🍸.
I love dressing up but my feet hurt in heels all night long 👠 and I have to dance since everyone hogs the very little chairs available 🤦🏻‍♀. There’s nowhere to move around, sweaty people brushing up against you, and I’m sure You’ve all heard the term c*ck fest before.
Bars allow you to sit and talk to your friends, I think more memories are created that you can actually remember in settings like this.

Seeing my friends getting married 💍👰🏻.
It’s okay. I just think if you haven’t found the one yet; it just means you are waiting for the right guy. It’s ok to be picky. And if you have someone already, then again there is no need to rush. We forget everyone, every situation, every couple and peoples priorities are different. I feel like we put the pressure on ourselves sometimes to settle down.

giphy (2).gif

Realising that all relationships are important.
Whether it be family, friends or love interests. Don’t hold grudges and be happy. Everyone has their own issues to deal with and it may not be personal. One day they might enter your life again, maybe as your best friends boyfriend or sister in law or even your future colleague or even manager!
Its hard to imagine but it really does happen.

The need to start saving 💰.
Sorry to sound like an old auntie but buying a house and a mortgage or a new car (not on finance) is no walk in the park. You start to see how expensive growing up and starting a family really is. It definitely makes me wonder, how on earth did our parents manage this!

Work hard but always stay humble 💁🏻.
Once you are at the top, you never know what life may bring. Stay motivated and strong and the world is your oyster but just don’t be a douc** about it.

Take risks and don’t live for what – ifs. 👀
This is your prime time. Right now I’ve realised that in order to live my life to the max and rise up my career ladder and have fun, I need to take risks, and yes it’s scary; and this is the best time to do it, before you settle into a serious relationship, and have children for example; because once you have other commitments and priorities; it becomes harder to take those risks. Later in life you may not be able to do the crazy things you’ve always wanted to do; such as freelance with work, travel around the world or even dye your hair blue!

giphy (6).gif

Learn to give yourself a break.
It can be hard to give ourselves a time-off when life piles sky-high expectations on us. However, giving yourself a break is one of the most important life lessons you’ll ever learn. You don’t have to be Super(wo)man all the time. Sometimes you need to pause and recuperate and re-energise yourself and you owe that to your body. Otherwise you’ll just eventually have a break down. That’s impacts your productivity way more that a small pause. So put that Netflix on and have a pyjama day. No one is judging.giphy (4).gif

Love yourself and your body ❤.
You may not feel that way now, but your body is so important. So it should be on the top of your list of priorities. Feed it good, healthy food and shower yourself with love and affection. How can you expect anyone else to, if you don’t feel that its worth loving. I know it’s hard, I find it very difficult to remind myself this everyday too 😩.
Self love 😍 has a huge impact on your mental health. Saying you feel so crappy and ugly and fat to yourself doesn’t change your body shape nor make you feel better. So instead change those words and remind yourself of beautiful you are. It really shines through. Beautiful people are not just those who physically look beautiful but those who feel beautiful, who smile and share that with the world. ✨

Time heals all wounds ⏳.
Whether its you who is hurt or someone close to you. However you’re feeling right now, is 100% not how you’ll be feeling in a few days/month/years. The pain does go away and lessen and more doors open. Yes you may not ever forget but you may be able to accept and forgive and move on. That door will always remain open for you🚪.

It’s ok not to be ok.
We are humans and not robots. There is only so much we can take. Our emotions may over rule us from time to time and its okay to cry and have a break down 😫. Just remember that you are the one who can change things, so when you’re ready, you take the world by your feet! 💪🏼👊🏼

giphy (5).gif

Always be yourself and find who you are.
Don’t spend your life being something you are not. Firstly it takes a lot of effort and is it really worth it? 🤔
You need to know, that your family and friends truly love you for who you are, not for charade your putting up. Friends come and go but the real ones will stay. You want the real ones to stay.👯👯‍♂


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