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Charity begins at home

To give or not to give ? That is the question. I know we all have our own story to tell of how we got into our charitable roles, here is mine: I think my personal journey with charity began as a young child watching my mother show her charitable nature through her feeding everyone and […]

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Top 10 travel tips for Bangkok

Travelling Thailand and ready to hit the capital city, Bangkok? We thought we would share our top 10 travel tips to help you with all your wanderlust preparations. 1. Haggle, Haggle & Haggle We’ve put this tip first because your haggling game is going to be put to the test in this city! Unless you […]

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British Asian Poet Series: Sandeep Sahota

Though Sandeep is a poet who is born and brought up in Denmark; her connections with the UK run deep as her mother is from the UK and sees it as her second home.  When did your passion for writing poetry begin? “My fascination of words and language came when I was very young, but […]

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Shout Out to My Ex

During your twenties, there are many things that are just unavoidable; from bills, to career pressures, to not being able to handle hangovers as well as you used to, and a big one unfortunately, discovering an ex has moved on. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, brace yourself as it may hit you like […]

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Do strict parents produce the wildest children?

So, we all knew (and kind of felt sorry for) that one person in school who was never allowed to do anything or go anywhere, because their parent/s simply told them NO. Undoubtedly, every parent wants to protect their child as much they can, but is strict parenting the right way to do that?

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