Backlash faced by Sikh female who loves Bhangra


Our very first – British Bindi produced video, is about Pamm Kaur; a British Sikh girl in her early 20’s, expressing her passion for Bhangra Dancing.

“A lot of people believe that I shouldn’t be dancing because I wear a turban” – @pammkaur_

Pam received a lot of backlash and abuse when her dancing video went viral; all due to being a turban-wearing Singhni – from articles titled ‘Trashy Bibiyan: Pam Kaur’ to abuse directly to her via social media.

We wanted to know what Bhangra dancing means to Pamm and how she deals with the backlash:

Bhangra Sikh Female
Behind the scenes on our shoot – British Bindi’s Amani with Pamm Kaur

This video is part of our ‘Freedom & Expression’ Series which is about giving a voice to those who are passionate about what they do, yet face adversity when they share these passions with the world. British Bindi is here to shine a positive light on anyone & everyone whilst discussing the topic at hand – all opinions are welcomed & respected and we hope you feel the same way too.

Let us know your thoughts and other topics you’d love to see covered by us in the future.


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