Jumprov: UK’s First BAME Improv Theatre Company

An Improv Invite

Living in a world of having google at your fingertips, it’s hard to sometimes go and experience something with no preconception of what it will be like… But then we got invited to our very first Improv Show and had no idea what to expect. For those of you who have never experienced an improvised show (like us), it’s pretty much a show made up on the spot. There’s something special about watching a show, that you know no one else has ever seen, or in fact will ever see again. It’s fresh, it’s exciting and for once we really didn’t know what to expect.

Enter UK’s First BAME Improv Company

Jumprov BAME Theatre

We had an amazing chance to preview Jumprov‘s show in Birmingham. Jumprov are a new inspiring improv theatre company: Founded by Sunny Dhap, they are actually the UK’s first improv theatre company made entirely from BAME (Black, Asian and minority ethnic) actors.

This group of actors have sparkling energy together and warmth that draws you in as the audience. They lead you through games and scenarios, a lot provided by the audience themselves, adding to the intimacy of the show. Impressive doesn’t quite cover the awe we felt watching these Actors weave through situations: from supermarkets to broken computers, dating shows to constipation (yes really!). There’s no predicting where this show will go, all while being thoroughly entertaining.

The Theatre Scene and Beyond

The Jumprov performers capture and deliver their sharpness, spontaneity, trust and wit effortlessly for us to enjoy. We cannot recommend this show enough and how your cheeks will be sore from laughter!

There’s something important to take note of here. These are all actors of BAME heritage, and it’s completely refreshing watching them be free performing without the restraint of typecast roles. Yes, they play on stereotypes here and there, but there’s always authenticity to every character they bring to the table. These are characters and stories you rarely see in the theatre or on screen, or perhaps a lot but hardly played by a person of colour. It’s a brilliant aspect to the show and adds an interesting element to see these characters being explored freely. This is what makes Jumprov’s performance the freshest and most innovative piece we’ve seen in a long time.


Smiles from the Jumprov team after their Preview Performance


We’re genuinely excited for them. Pay close attention to this company, they’re ready to take on the theatre scene and beyond with full force. As for improv shows… we’re addicted to the playfulness and freshness!

Catch their performance at Old Joint Stock Theatre, Birmingham May 4th, find out more.
Keep up with them on Twitter too @Jumprov.






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