Radio Queen: Noreen Khan

Focus, Passion and Fabulous Women

Do you ever wonder if presenters are as warm as they are in real life compared to how they come across in the media? We as listeners can end up relating and building a connection with the presenter. Enter Noreen Khan: host of one of the most listened to Asian radio shows in the UK, a giant in the British Asian media world.

When we met Noreen, she was completely warm and friendly. We can see why she’s so popular! Not only is she friendly, but there’s something quirky and cool about her, making you feel like you’re hanging out with a friend. We’re delighted to be able to share an insight of her journey into radio and some fun thoughts.

Noreen Khan

When did you decide to become a Radio Presenter?

I decided whilst I was running my own little boutique when I was 21…used to have the radio on all the time and started thinking ‘oh I think I’d like to do that one day’

What do you love most about your job?

The interaction and relationship I have with my listeners. They are like family and I love the fact they get my bizarre humour and play along with all my silliness and chat. I also love meeting interesting guests, playing awesome music and getting out and hosting concerts and events. I pretty much love it all!

Noreen Khan

Which Desi music artist are you loving right now?

There’s a few like Jasmine Sandlas, Mickey Singh, Anik Khan, PropheC, Badshah…

How do you feel about the presence of British Asians in mainstream media? 

Some of it is great but I still think we’re under represented and sometimes pigeon-holed into certain roles and jobs.  We’re making good progress but there’s still more work to do.

Growing up, did you ever feel the pressure to choose a more ‘academic’ career such as pharmacy, accountancy, dentistry? And did you get the support you need?

I knew from the age of 6 or 7 I was never going to have a conventional academic career. I loved music and was very creative and at the age of 8 took up musical instruments at school. My mum and dad were brilliant and always supported each one of us into doing careers we were passionate about. I guess we were real lucky!Noreen Khan

Who encouraged you to follow your passion in the media industry? 

My entire family really and my close friends. But the desire and determination was all mine. I knew what I wanted to do and went into it with real passion and never looked back.

Becoming a female radio presenter was it difficult to get your foot in the door and work your way up?

I never really thought about my gender. I just thought I’m really into this and I know I can do a good job. Luckily for me the right people noticed me and gave me opportunities which I’ll always be grateful for.

What are the biggest challenges you faced to get to where you are?

Sacrificing my social life at the weekends for a few years! I did a lot of travelling, late nights and it did get a little lonely sometimes. Can’t say I faced any major challenges or maybe I did but I was so focused I never really let them deter me.

What’s your cheeky Nando’s go-to order?

Well, being a veggie I love the beanie burger in a wrap with halloumi cheese which is soooo yummy! Plus all the naughty sides too:)

Finally, we loved your old feature ‘Noreen’s Fabulous Women!’ If you had a Fabulous Women dinner party and you could pick anyone to attend, who would be your 5 guests?

5 women I’d pick are: Madhuri Dixit, Madonna, Ellen de Generes, Katy Perry and my mum!!

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One thought on “Radio Queen: Noreen Khan

  1. What I like Noreen Khan is her Punjabi speaking it is just how we speak our Punjabi and obviously her presenting the radio show is brilliant.I enjoy listening to her on the radio.

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