Confessions of a Birthday Girl

Have you ever felt a certain level of anxiety to the lead up of your birthday? Other years this anxiety would’ve been identified as excitement but now it has evolved to a hint of worry and a dash of fear. Getting closer to your mid 20’s can be quite scary for some people especially if you haven’t completed your dedicated mid 20’s plan.


“Mid 20’s plan – A checklist of things you wanted to accomplish before you turn 25”

For me I see my Birthday as a milestone of what I want to accomplish, it gives me a chance to evaluate my whole year and where I am at today. Some people may do this at the start of every year but I have made a habit of doing this right before my coming of age. Certain questions I ask myself are ‘am I happy’, ‘If not how can I change this’, ‘is there room for improvement?’

Areas that I need to focus on

• Relationship 
• Career
• Social Life / friends 
• Family 
• Financial Stability

Go with the flow no more?

I always use to be the go with the flow kind of girl, the thought of making plans was a waste of time but as I got older I soon realised making plans can give you a clear direction of what you want. I’m not talking about a long detailed list but just a few bullet points to give me some direction.


No more wasting time on unsuccessful habits

I will now share how I did this last year, as you get older you realise how precious time really is. I have a routine of wasting time on unsuccessful habits and promised myself I wouldn’t do this again. I was crushing on a guy for some time, many messages would be exchanged however there was no clear sign on what was going on. Did he feel the same way as I did? Was I someone for him to pass time with? I finally plucked up the courage resulting me being straight with him and asked what the deal was, he made it clear that he felt the same but was unsure what he wanted. Long story short I finally found out where I stood in the whole equation (=No future also = I aint got time for that) and was able to move on with my life. The thought of losing time allowed me to go straight for the kill without any hesitation.


2016 the year of dating

Even though this wasn’t a fairy tale ending at the time it made me realise that I needed to move on and not to let someone hold me back. Being single is liberating at its best however I finally decided to experience the whole dating malarkey. As let’s face it, it’s nice to share certain experiences with someone who you have a deep connection with. 2016 was my dating year, I learnt a lot from what I wanted and didn’t like in a partner. And most importantly dating gave me the confidence in communicating with guys I have never met before.


So what is my mid 20’s plan?

Working on myself, for myself, by myself

At the moment I’m focusing on my career more than anything, I’m at the age where I’m young , hardworking and motivated to invest in my years ahead. I am working on my own future and won’t be solely relying on my potential partner to support me (being the traditional Asian stigma of marriage between a husband and wife). I want to invest by myself and for myself and if I do eventually find someone we can support each other, being an added bonus!


I need to pass

Embarrassingly I still haven’t past my driving test so that will also be added to the list, I know I’m in my mid 20’s … why …just why? I’ve heard it from all my family and friends but I am officially on it and have set a month this year when I want to be on the road cruising in my dream (well reasonable dream) car.


Relationship has been a bit of a rocky road for the past few months and I am now a very single pringle, ready to mingle and taking this time to focus on me.



I am so grateful for all the family and friends in my life and never want to miss an opportunity to spend time with all of them. 2016 has made me realise to make equal time for my friends and family. This can be quite difficult while juggling my job, blogging, gym, driving lessons and so on but I am willing to accept the challenge for 2017. Starting with planning holidays for this year! Did someone say Thailand …


Don’t worry

My advice to me and to anyone else facing the fear of not having everything together just yet is ‘Don’t Worry’. It’s quite rare for one person to have everything on their list as life is always about constant improvement, and your mid 20’s is the perfect time for this.
Just embrace your life and look forward to the future. If you set yourself in a positive mind frame nothing will stop you from achieving.



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