12 signs you’re addicted to Bollywood

So you love Bollywood films huh? Do you just appreciate the stories and colour they bring to your life? Or is the magic of Indian cinema creeping into your reality? Woah! I’m not saying we need a Bollywood limit, (that’s unthinkable) but here are 12 signs that you might be a teeny bit addicted to Bollywood:

Watching Bollywood films replaces your favourite tv soap slot.. it’s only 2 hours extra.

Bollywood marathons through the night are a regular occurrence.
  1. You feel disappointed after every first date because your chemistry doesn’t match up to Shah-Ruh Khan and Kajol’s jodi.
giphy (5)
I will not accept anything less!
  1. It’s normal for you to sing along to the production openings of a Bollywood film.
  1. You scream and dance at your screen when you realise Netflix has updated the Bollywood section.

giphy (6)

  1. You spend hours perfecting your kohl eyeliner to achieve Bollywood diva standard.
aishwaraya Rai
Aishwarya Rai Bachchan eyeliner goals
  1. You shed a tear before a party because you couldn’t get your eyeliner to Bollywood diva standard.

giphy (7)

  1. Your paranoid that your future wedding day maybe interrupted with a surprise profession of undying love. 

giphy (8)

  1. Every mother-in-law causes problem. That’s the Bollywood circle of life. (see above image ^)
  1. You hear a stranger talk about Bollywood songs. Your head jumps up like a meerkat, *Note to self* new best friend found.
meerkat friend meme
“Friend? New Bollywood friend?”
  1. When someone doesn’t agree your Bollywood heartthrob is hot, you know sh**’s about to go down.
“Say that again, I DARE YOU!”
  1. One day you will go to an epic holi celebration. It WILL happen.

giphy (9)

  1. You’re prepared to dance or fight for your life every time you board a train, because you know, trains are the perfect setting for EPIC.
giphy (10)
You might need to tone down the Bollywood thinking on UK public transport though.

Happy Bollywooding everyone, remember you’re not the only one fighting to keep your Bollywood dream from taking over your life. Feel free to let us know if there’s some signs we’ve missed out, because we all know there’s definitely more than 12.

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2 thoughts on “12 signs you’re addicted to Bollywood

  1. I’ve enjoyed reading this, but, it’s only angled from a female perspective. Can someone put one together showing signs from a guys point of view – and – signs of how guys are addicted to Bollywood too?


    1. Hi, That sounds like a brilliant idea, you’re completely right. It’s definitely hard to get a male’s perspective being a group of four girls. Maybe you can give us an idea from a male’s point of view?


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