Desi Doggy Names

I’m sure we’ve all met some dogs in our life time with the biggest Desi names!

It has been a tradition in the South Asian culture for centuries, that we tend to choose Desi names for our dogs to honor and celebrate our culture and heritage. It’s such a special way to extend the culture to a beloved pet and create a special bond between the owner and their furry loved ones.

Other than being special, meaningful and suiting your dogs personality; Desi names for dogs also sound quite unique and can catch the attention and interest of others. We love to hear people shout names like Sheru or Raja while they’re walking their dogs in the park showing how proud they are of their roots.

Desi names for dogs can also be a way for families to pass on their culture to the next generation. As the dog’s name is used in everyday life, both the owner and their children will be exposed to the names and culture. It’s a great reminder and way for families to connect with their heritage and to teach their children about the traditional names.

If you’re looking for a unique and fun way to name your pup, look no further! We asked our Instagram followers what Desi names they have for their fur babies, and these were the top ones – play Desi Doggy Bingo and see how many you can recognise…


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