Bridesmaid Lookbook: Part 1

British Bindi co-founder and more importantly our best friend Jasmeen got married! And what a magical, unique and spectacular event it was (we expected nothing less).

With such events comes great responsibility (ha!) from the best friends/British Bindi Bride squad. We needed outfits for a looooong Indian wedding, which gets complicated fast, it was six-day extravaganza in total! And because our bride is such a fashionista, we didn’t want our style game to slack.

1. Ladies Sangeet Night

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-22 at 16.44.49

Enter the first event Ladies Sangeet Night.

British Bindi’s Kiran and Tanisha attended the Mean Girls ‘On Wednesdays we wear Pink’ themed evening and we brought our fetch in many shades of pink.

How cool is this theme by the way?!





Tanisha wearing a beautiful floral lengha from one of our favourite Indo-Western brands: Sakhii London


We’ve been obsessed with florals looks for a few years now! 

Kiran pairing Pretty Little Thing western clothing with a dupatta she had at home and brought the Eastern element out with some gorgeous earrings from a company with the prettiest of treasures: The Jewel Project.

We love mixing and matching from different cultural styles 

WhatsApp Image 2019-09-22 at 16.44.47 (1)
British Bindi girls absolutely living for this pink theme

2. Mendhi

Jasmeen’s Mendhi ceremony happened the day after the sangeet, and the event was the perfect chilled vibes after a heavy night of dancing from the night before. Here are our cute henna designs thanks to the creative ihenna Mendhi  – who was doing the girls mendhi.

The super talented Mendhi Min did Jasmeen’s bridal mendhi but we’ll save bride details for another blog.


Mendhi by ihenna Mendhi and British Bindi Kiran’s lush pink chrome nails (on the right) by @beautifybybailey

In terms of outfits, we’re afraid this day is probably going to be the most undetailed! But we’ll try and give you a little back story.

Sometimes a simple desi suit is a good idea!
Kiran wore a floral yellow suit which she bought in India while on a family trip to Punjab many years ago. Tanisha’s orange number is from a suit lady’s house (haha told you this would be the most undetailed day). However, this shows you can look into your closet and restyle outfits for different occasions.

3. Pre-party

This is the final event we’ll be covering in this Bridesmaid Lookbook Part 1, as we thought the wedding ceremony days needed a separate blog! The glam glow up starts to appear in full force, as the pre-party is one of the bigger parties of the wedding and British Bindi Amani finally joined us from London!



British Bindi Tanisha being the epitome of absolute grace in a simple but beautiful bright saree.

The gorgeous saree was from a local Wolverhampton mini-mall that’s recently opened up on Dudley Road (basically the desi road in Wolves).

The pretty tikka and earrings from Ria-bella.





WhatsApp Image 2019-09-22 at 18.07.59

British Bindi Kiran wearing a Niki Mahon statement necklace paired with a lengha tailored in India, after buying material on Alum Road, Birmingham. The material on that road is super good value, so if you’re looking to put something together that’s a little unique, we’d definitely recommend checking it out.

Also the cutest cage bag ASOS. You’ll see this bag featured a lot in part 2. It was the official bridesmaids’ bag and is quite addictive to pair with desi outfits!



And finally, British Bindi Amani joined the party and this outfit made a statement while being completely elegant! Big shout out to the magic of Anjli’s Lookbook, who styled her top to bottom, we were completely in love with the drama of this look. Here’s a list of what Anjli put together for Amani:

Skirt & dupatta: @thesareeroom
Top: @zoyaethereal
Earrings: @nargis_collections
Dupatta Drape and styled by: @anjlislookbook

Anjli’s Lookbook is our ultimate insta inspo page for desi style, so it’s so fitting she helped pull together Amani’s outfits over the wedding. Make sure you check out her page here.

Hope you enjoyed our British Bindi Bridesmaids Lookbook: Part 1! Any questions feel free to ask us via comments or social media, and we’ve hopefully included some useful style info (it’s our first time doing an in-depth style blog, but we felt it was the right occasion to share our experience).

Look out for part 2 of this blog series where we’ll be sharing wedding day, reception and the day after looks. ❤️


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