Christmas Ideas For You, Your Friends & Partner

With Christmas soon approaching the excitement starts to kick in from decorating your Christmas tree to eating as much food as possible until you physically can’t move. For some, spending Christmas day is a family filled occasion which is a beautiful thing indeed, however if you have close friends or a partner in your life, where does this leave them? It’s always nice to share experiences with your other loved ones so I have come up with a list of festive things to do before the big 25th.

Secret Santa

If you’re strapped for cash and have a quite a big friendship group a secret Santa exchange will be perfect for you. Simply pick a name out of a hat, choose a limit of how much you want to spend on each other and select a day to exchange. Or if you and your friends are busy (a bit like us) there are plenty of websites that will accumulate names for you… if you’re struggling check out this will surely help you along the way.


Go to your local Christmas market 

There’s pretty much a Christmas/German market where ever you go, simply go there to eat and drink… Who needs the Frankfurt Christmas Market when you have one near you? Go for a long stroll and discover all the wonderful stalls they have to offer, eat a German Bratwurst & Brezel, or enjoy a crisp cold German beer, or if you’re feeling a bit daring maybe try a bit of exotic meats, ostrich and kangaroo anyone?


Christmas meals 

You may have Christmas meals with your work colleagues but try doing this with your friends or partner, no fuss having to be in the kitchen for hours slaving over a hot stove. Simply sit and relax while your 3 course Christmas meal gets served to you. This can be a perfect opportunity to catch up with your loved ones while eating your weight in roast turkey and of course don’t forget about the dessert!


Christmas?! On a different day?

If your feeling overly festive how about having an early Christmas with your friends or partner at home. Chip in and cook a Christmas meal together, stock up on alcohol with Christmas games and have the wildest Christmas day ever.


Ice Skating 

Fancy doing an activity? Ice skating is festive … right? Scope out your nearest outdoor ice rink and get your skates out, this can be romantic and fun so grab your partner, get close on the ice and skate the night away.


Afternoon tea anyone? 

Fancy doing nothing but just relaxing, sipping on your favourite hot beverage in beautiful tea sets, looking out the window watching the world go by? Maybe a girl’s afternoon tea is perfect for you, eat as much cake and sandwiches as possible, if you’re feeling a little cheeky open up the prosecco too. From personal experience me and the girls can spend hours drinking and eating the day away during a luxury afternoon tea. Don’t forget its Christmas so indulge as much as you want without worrying about those extra calories.


Christmas movie night

Finally If you don’t fancy leaving your warm cosy home how about a movie night in instead with all your favourite Christmas movies , snuggle up next to the fire with a cup of baileys hot chocolate and get into the festive spirit. One of my recommendations would be Elf as it always lifts my spirits but the choice is yours.




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