10 signs she figured out her man was cheating

When you think you’ve finally found the one; Mr Perfect but it seems too good to be true…it probably is.

It’s your birthday and he buys everyone food and makes a special effort to make a good impression with your friends. It’s raining and after a night out your feet are aching in your 6 inch heels, what does your amazing boyfriend do? He takes his shoes off and gives them to you to wear whilst he holds drunken you with one hand and your heels in the other. He’s walking in his socks to the car in the mucky rain.  What a babe right?

You think he’s your Mr Right and then you find out all this time he was cheating! But how could that be, he was so perfect!

So he slowly starts to show his true colours, here’s my friends personal experience.

  1. Her boyfriend brought her a teddy bear. He then randomly decided to take it back off her and made up a lame excuse. She then saw that his ‘special female friend’ had the same teddy bear on her Instagram photos; it was part of a set of two. It all makes sense now. It was a re gift.
  1. Double standards, bringing up her past even they had already discussed it prior to their relationship. Why was it fine before but suddenly out of nowhere an issue now? Was he trying to create a drift between them, and excuse to break it off?
  1. He constantly offered her his phone to check it knowing that she wasn’t that kind of girl to do that, she didn’t even know his password, she never even asked. He was making a point that he was being ‘faithful’. He most likely already deleted the incriminating evidence.
  1. When he went to Las Vegas this was the first time he told her that he was in love with her. He came home with a top for her as a gift. Little to her surprise this ‘special friend of his’ had just recently posted a picture of herself in her new top from Vegas! Coincidence, I think not?

Whenever she mentioned this ‘special friend of his’ and questioned him, he would always reply that she was over reacting and over thinking. She was being crazy and paranoid, that this other girl wasn’t even a good mate of his etc.

  1. He would never post pictures of them online together or even hint in any way that he was in a relationship with her.
  1. He would randomly decide to de-activate his social media pages with no warning, saying he doesn’t like people knowing his business and didn’t want to be social for the moment. What? Then just don’t post anything for a while!
  1. When he would go to hers for the night, he would turn his phone upside down on the table and let the battery die. Even though she had a charger for him to use, he would say its fine ill charge it up in my car the following morning. Weird. Probably in case his ‘special friend calls late at night’.
  1. She was getting ready for a night out and as soon as she was about to leave, he randomly updated his Facebook status as ‘in a relationship’, was this for her or the ‘special friend’. He then got annoyed when she didn’t make a huge fuss about this. A little bit later he deleted this update with no real reason.
  1. He tells her after one of their evenings out that he had a really romantic idea planned and he was so close to doing it but he backed out. All she thought was, “Well why didn’t he do it then?” It’s all words. If he really wanted to do it, he would have. There was no real reason why he changed his mind.
  1. The day it ended, she confronted him again, and demanded to see his phone for the first time ever, he gave it but would not tell her the password and kept saying, “Here I’ll type it in for you”; he entered the code and deleted his texts! She snatched the phone and every single message was gone, dodgy! She accidently pressed the call log and ‘his special friend’s’ name was on that list just as much as hers.

Turns out that over the past couple of months she should have trusted her gut instincts from the beginning, she wasn’t far off the truth.

You’ll never believe this, the ‘special friend’ of his turned out to be other girlfriend. He had two, well  two as far as we know.  Love to hear her side of the story…

The signs of cheating don’t always have to be cliché for both male and female, everyone’s experiences are different. What are yours?

Image Credit: Prerana Jangam

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