Tea India Product Review

We Love Chai! Whether it’s Netflix & Chai, catching up over a cuppa or just relaxing & Chai! The older we get, the more we appreciate the amazing comfort of Chai and it’s history within our culture. We’re also loving that a lot of people are getting into the power of Chai and delicious spice […]

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Charity begins at home

To give or not to give ? That is the question. I know we all have our own story to tell of how we got into our charitable roles, here is mine: I think my personal journey with charity began as a young child watching my mother show her charitable nature through her feeding everyone and […]

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British Bindi meets Karun – Artist of Dotty Art

Last year we met the talented Karun Soni an artist from London who specialises in oil paintings. His paintings are inspired by an mixture of different experiences particluary the transition from India to the UK and even events further back such as the British Raj. We were lucky enough to sit down and discuss his paintings […]

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