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Dating in Quarantine

It’s 2020, and like many I was ready to get back on the dating scene after a bit of break, long story short I was seeing someone for 6 months the previous year but again it didn’t work out (sigh but oh well life goes on). I was so prepared I was on the dating […]

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Chai & Chintal’s Spiced Biscuits

As we all know it’s been a crazy time recently with Covid19 where some of us have so much spare time that we’re not use to. This is the perfect opportunity to do what you love or even pick up a new interest or skill. I have always been a big baking enthusiast and also […]

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How to make Dalgona Coffee

During quarantine, many of us are finding that we’re trying out new recipes and trends to help make the time pass! Here at British Bindi – we feel ya! We’ve been trying out lots of new recipes such as; banana bread, tray bakes, and the currently trending Dalgona Coffee. Dalgona Coffee originates from South Korea […]

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