Our First Ever Interview: British Bindi on the Sikh Channel!

We’re extremely excited and grateful to share the first time British Bindi has ever been interviewed. We’re usually on the interviewer side as we’re always researching our blogs and videos, so this was a really cool milestone for us. It was a fantastic experience heading over to the Sikh Channel studios in London and talking […]

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Top 10 travel tips for Bangkok

Travelling Thailand and ready to hit the capital city, Bangkok? We thought we would share our top 10 travel tips to help you with all your wanderlust preparations. 1. Haggle, Haggle & Haggle We’ve put this tip first because your haggling game is going to be put to the test in this city! Unless you […]

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Heartbreak is a B****

I myself have just recently experienced my first heartbreak and it really is a b**** that won’t leave you alone. I might be a late bloomer within this department as I have always avoided guys with the fear of being hurt, however last year I decided to woman up and give it ago. As my […]

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British Asian Poet Series: Arun Kapur

Arun Kapur Arun is a support artist on television and film and has published his first poetry book titled the Blindside Memoirs. When did your passion for writing poetry begin? My passion for writing developed from the age of 16. I remember I would come home from school and would just write. I have always […]

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