Tips on managing COVID anxiety over the festive season

A COVID Christmas is something that we all truly hoped had stayed back in 2020, however with the rise of the Omicron variant, a lot of us can no doubt relate to feeling a dreaded uncertainty looming in the air. Concerning headlines and changing plans all while navigating the festive season can be hard to deal with. 

Tips to help COVID festive anxiety

Taking care and checking in with yourself is incredibly important during this time. The wonderful Tina @brownpsychologist has shared some really useful tips with us, that may help ease anxieties you might be feeling: 

1. COVID rules and fear of a new variant may be doom and gloom, however try to engage in the small things. At this time of year smells, sights and sounds are around us everywhere. Give yourself small moments where you take in the sensory delights of this time of year. If you find this overwhelming, like some of us do – that’s okay too. Remind yourself of all the positive things, what are you grateful for?

2. Journal thoughts that are weighing you down. Speak to a friend if that helps and of course, look for professional help if you feel you need it.

3. Check in with friends/family that may be quiet/alone or struggling. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. The gift of giving is not always material things.

4. If you feel overwhelmed by purchasing gifts, organising, cooking etc speak up and engage others to give you a hand, reduce the burden of doing it all. Think about a ‘good enough’ festive period.

5. Rest. Most of us are run down by working and need that break. So as much as it is tempting to book in time to see everyone, take care of you too. It’s all about balance. 

6. It’s very easy for us to stop moving during this time, slob out on the sofa and stuff our faces with the chocolate box. Getting fresh air and moving our bodies is very underrated, by doing so will immediately make you feel good. 

Keeping safe, keeping calm

Another good way of feeling more at ease through the festive season is making sure you’re prepared and protected in the best way possible to stop the spread of COVID. 

Here’s some reminders of how you can keep safe and prepared: 

– Take a lateral flow test before meeting loved ones or going to events. Report your result and if positive, self-isolate immediately and take a PCR test. Take a PCR test if you have Covid symptoms – high temperature, new continuous cough, loss or change of sense of taste or smell. 

– Wear a face covering in indoor settings. Don’t forget it’s now a legal requirement to wear masks in most indoor settings including on public transport and shops. A full list is available on 

– Let in fresh air when meeting indoors. Opening doors and windows regularly can help reduce the spread of COVID – even for 10 minutes every hour.

– Everyone over 18 can get their booster vaccination now. New data has shown that the booster is the best way to protect yourself against the Omicron variant, giving over 70% protection. 

– Sanitise and wash hands regularly 

– Get your NHS COVID Pass on your smartphone

– If possible, work from home. If you need to continue to go into work, take lateral flow tests regularly 

We hope the great tips on taking care of “COVID festive anxiety” from Tina @brownpsychologist have helped, as well as key safety reminders to ensure you’re helping protect yourself and others during this time. 

Feelings of anxiety are completely normal, and especially during uncertain times. However, if your anxiety is affecting your daily life or causing you distress, please consider seeking advice from your GP or professional help.


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