Desi-Owned Christmas Gift Guide: Quirky

The British Bindi team has handpicked inspiring desi-owned brands to help support shopping local this Christmas 🎄 whilst highlighting creative entrepreneurs in our community.

Looking for something different? These stand-out gifts had us curious!

Uncle’s Corner Shop

The worlds first local inconvenience store! 
A Movement celebrating ‘mashup’ post colonial culture

Instagram – @unclescornershop

Uncle’s Corner Shop core belief: We are all humans on a planet spinning in the middle of nowhere- being marginalised for our skin colour, class, gender or non binary identity, marital status, disabilities, abilities, sexuality, beliefs, place of birth etc. is nonsensical.

By celebrating our ‘mashup’ cultures, we are able to take something positive from an unjust colonial history. We weren’t part of the original plan and that makes us incredible. As we can shape our own paths by owning our past, learning from it and demonstrating what equality looks like by moving forward together.

Uncle’s Corner Shop gifts are designed to empower our voices and celebrate our cultures. The product range currently includes bold statement necklaces, holographic samosa-holic bags and a stress relief anti-colourism colouring book!

Phonetic Guju

Phonetic Guju, phonetic Gujarati fun!

Instagram – @phoneticguju

These products are so fun and unique! Favourite Gujarati phrases on coasters, aprons, fridge magnets and more.  

Anila Patel Design

Anila Patel is a conceptual retail designer. Her stunning products are great as unique gifts.

Instagram – @anilapatel_design

Anila is a freelance designer based in London, who partly uses her creative skills to fuse the Indian culture with modern lifestyle through prints and other illustrated products. One of her highlight products to look out for is a luxurious Indian Calendar 2021 featuring some amazing artists!

Flaming Mango Game

The drinking game made for and by South Asians

Instagram – @flamingmangogame

Absolutely laughing at the thought of playing this game! Such a witty and inventive idea; Flaming Mango is a South Asian drinking card game that Aunty Ji will not approve off. Every box comes with 108 hand picked South Asian memes and references that are so accurate it hurts.

The Bindi Mirror

Female owned brand creating beautiful hand painted bindis

Instagram – @thebindimirror

Founded by two sisters, Nicola and Menisha, both key workers, Nicola is a school teacher, Menisha works in the NHS and currently working on her PhD, exploring mental health, body image and the influence of social media within the South Asian community.

Their bindis are personally handpainted with care along with an assortment of 9 to 16 beautiful bindis, on a round bindimirror, for every occasion. Each handpainted bindi takes up to 45 minutes from painting to drying, and they also include a positive affirmation. 🥰 Order to enquire via thebindimirro Instagram direct message.

Enjoying the gifting guide?

Browse more desi-owned businesses for inspiration on unique and cute gifts for loved ones this Christmas.


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