Tips on how to get through ‘Lockdown 2.0’

4th November 2020 the second lockdown in the UK begun, the elderly being isolated, friends and family not being able to spend time with their loved ones and being stuck at home once again for the second time this year.

No one was prepared for the 1st lockdown, it was full of uncertainty and it was an experience that changed many peoples lives.

This time round, the autumnal weather brings dark mornings, shorter days and less vitamin D for us to soak up.

We asked you, our British Bindi followers what you learnt from the first lockdown and any advice you had to share to help keep our spirits up and look after our mental health and wellbeing 💛 and this is what we found:

It’s a great opportunity to learn something new. (I challenged myself to learn a new dish)

@sonalicooks – Instagram

Not to overthink and panic over the small things and just take each day as it comes.

@auntybantysbakery – Instagram

Movement – any type of exercise for at least 10 mins. Walking has really helped me!

@sikhyourmind – Instagram

Remember all the days you were exhausted from being so busy and be grateful.

@cultureshockthepodcast – Instagram

This too shall pass. Nothing lasts forever. 🙌🏽

@priyajesaji – Instagram

Be kind and not too hard on yourself. I would cry and feel upset; and that’s ok! 🙏🏽


Stay productive and carry on waking up at the same time.

@dillysingh – Instagram

Some other tips we wanted to share with you to help look after your mental health:

Keep in Regular Contact with the People You Love – Although we may be physically isolated from one another, it’s more important than ever for us to feel socially connected, so try and reach out to people to talk, and try to be there to listen to others. This can be over the phone, email, WhatsApp, face time, zoom or take it up a notch and suggest a Netflix party! Naturally, humans crave social interaction, and the power of a conversation is not to be underestimated.

Practice Self-Care Exercises – You know yourself and what your body needs better than anyone! From waking up early at the same time to simply remembering to take a shower, our self-care exercises will vary from person to person. You could try learning a new skill, doing something creative or revisit your favourite books and movies. Especially if you are working from home and/or you’re active online, making time for other activities that make you happy and feel relaxed can help you to take a break and be more present.

Remember That You’re Not on Your Own – Even if it feels that way, every person across the UK is currently experiencing the same thing and we’re all in this together. We’re all battling through the same pandemic and know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Pay attention to what you’re feeling – Talking about how you’re feeling can help put things into perspective and may help you feel more positive about the future.

We understand how hard this can be for people and especially if you feel alone and disconnected. If you are really struggling and don’t feel you can speak to your friends or family, here are some useful resources which can help:

Available 24 hours a day and can provide emotional support
Call: 116 123
Text “SHOUT” to 85258 – Shout 85258 offers confidential 24/7 crisis text support for times when you need immediate assistance.


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