10 things you can do to make your lockdown birthday special!

It seems like lockdown birthdays are here to stay for a little while… 

It can be disheartening and frustrating time, especially if you’re celebrating a special birthday this year. It feels like these birthdays will be memorable for all the wrong reasons, however there are a few simple things you can do to still make your day special and memorable for all the right reasons. 

Thankfully, the whole Zoom quiz and Houseparty phase has passed, so here are 10 things you can do at home to make your day special and all about you:

1. Decorations 🎈

Why not go all out with balloons, bunting and confetti in your favourite colours? It can really lighten the mood and make the place look pretty! Amazon.co.uk have a great selection of decorations, and next day delivery is available for all you last minute guys and gals 😉.

2. Dedicated movie night 🍿

Pick your top 3 movies of all time and cosy up with your favourite snacks and drinks. And no one can argue with your movie choices as it’s your day – bonus! 

3. Favourite food 🌮

Unlike the first national lockdown, many more restaurants are doing a takeout service (including Hickory’s Smokehouse which is something to be excited about!). So it’s easy to get all your favourite foods delivered right to your door at your convenience.

4. Birthday cocktail / mocktail 🍹

Create a yummy cocktail / mocktail made up of your favourite ingredients and flavours, and give it a fun name – it could even be your name or age, i.e. ’The British Bindi’ 😉. If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you could even incorporate it into a drinking game 🥂.

5. Themed outfits 👗

It sucks not being able to dress up, so why not have a theme for the evening and get everyone in your household / social bubble to dress up and capture some fun memories. Dressing up can really help you feel good! 

6. Birthday cake competition 🎂

No birthday is complete without birthday cake, so get people in your household / social bubble to bake a cake each, for you to compare a judge. The winner gets all the glory and you get all the cake – win, win!

7. Funny lockdown-related gifts and cards 🎁

Anyone who has had a birthday in lockdown will know there’s at least one person who gifts you a humorous lockdown-related card or present. Embrace it, see the funny side and hold on to it as a keepsake of your lockdown birthday!  

8. Birthday message video 🎉

For many people, not being able to be with loved ones on their birthday is out of the ordinary, so why not get family and friends to send you a short video of them wishing you happy birthday and sharing funny stories – or even better, get someone to organise this for you! 

And if you’re feeling fancy…

9. Brunch board 🥞

Over the last few months, brunch boards have been all over Instagram and Pinterest, and they look divine! 😍. You can create these and tailor them to your taste, whether that’s pancakes and macaroons or cheese, grapes and crackers. Add some mimosas to the mix if you’re feeling the boozy brunch vibes 🥂.

10. Movie night under the stars 🎥

For something extra special, you can get a projector and screen and have a movie night outside under the stars. For those milestone birthdays you could playback some home videos from childhoods or even wedding days ✨.


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