Dating in Quarantine

It’s 2020, and like many I was ready to get back on the dating scene after a bit of break, long story short I was seeing someone for 6 months the previous year but again it didn’t work out (sigh but oh well life goes on).

I was so prepared I was on the dating apps, I became emotionally available lol and I was open to meeting new and different types of guys. I was so impressed with my commitment to the apps, plus juggling work, British Bindi, Tinder and Bumble! (If you ask any of the girls, this has been a struggle in the past).

I started talking to one guy who showed lots of potential and I was mentally preparing myself to meet him, however there was a small spanner thrown into the works that week… just a global pandemic, no biggie (of course I’m joking). Isolation rules were announced and the seriousness of not being able to meet people became stricter than ever.

I wasn’t willing to let this become an issue and ruin something that potentially could be amazing, so I found a few ways where we could still get to know and spend time with each other without it becoming repetitive and boring. Below I’ve listed a few ideas that could also help you out these crazy times.

Online games can be a great ice breaker 

Time to discover their competitive side, skills and abilities while having fun of course. There’s so many games out there where you can learn about a person’s playful & knowledgeable side.

Here’s a list of games that you could try

No more Netflix & Chill? … Think again 

If you haven’t already heard Netflix have created a new experience to binge your favourite series with your friends & family. Netflix party syncs your viewing experience together, with a chat feature to keep up with the gossip! This is also great as the chat bar is right next to the screen so you won’t miss a thing, compared to using your phone.

Movie nights still can happen!

Why not have a day in the week or a few days in the week where you can have movie night. Take turns in picking a film and get to know each others weird or wonderful taste.

Maybe make a list of 5 of your films and 5 of theirs and work through the list together.

Get fit together 

Being indoors is such a pain at the moment especially when gyms have been closed. Why not start a workout session with them? This is a great way to motivate yourself and to liven up your day with some company.

Try an online workout session on you tube e.g. Joe wicks HIIT session. Or if you’re not feeling too active give yoga a try. Maybe a 30 day yoga routine for a bit of daily routine.

Tik Tok duet

If you’re both into TikTok, experiment with putting some videos together, a great way to get to see what they look like and to see they’re face more often (cheeky I know). Also you can learn about their sense of humour and what they find entertaining.

Video or phone calls are not old school

It’s so important to have those phone calls, gives you a better idea on what the person is like and hearing their voices can make you like them even more or less.

If you’re feeling brave give video calls a go and treat it as a date, have a drink on hand and eat dinner together. You even order from the same takeout to add more of an authentic edge.

Cook together stay together 

I’m sure everyone has been experimenting in the kitchen since a majority of restaurants are closed, why not experiment different meals in the kitchen together and send pictures of your masterpieces. This also gives you a great insight on how good they are in the kitchen (which is very important if you love to eat food like me).

To make this more of an engaging expereince why not FaceTime or call them, gives you guys something to talk about and a helping hand if struggling.

Add a bit of spice

We’re not going to act like this is an ideal situation but we hope this list adds a bit of spice and creativity to your dating life for now, as the struggle has been real. Even if you’re not dating this will be great to do with your friends and families. We would love to hear about your guys dating experiences and compare notes as I’m pretty sure everyones experiences will be different.

Stay safe x


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